Two weeks ago I asked you to make a list of values that were important to you.  I then asked you to take that list and narrow it down to the 7 most important values. I also shared a few strategies that might be helpful in coming up with your 7 Big Rocks.

Last week I asked you to take that list and put it in order, from most important to least important, so that you could get a deeper sense of clarity about the things that you've deemed important to you.  In addition, I requested that you then create sentences or a paragraph for each of your core values using the example "Being successful at (input Big Rock/core value) means . . . .". 

This week I am going to ask to take a look at your list.  Does it still ring true?  Now that you've had a few weeks to sit with them, do these Big Rocks/core values still best describe the things that are important to you?  If not, make the necessary adjustments to assure that your list of 7 Big Rocks accurately describes the things that are important to you.  Make sure to complete the sentence exercise for any changes you've made.

That brings us to this week.  I now want you to sit back and read each of your 7 Big Rock sentences aloud. How does it feel? If you're like me it feels pretty darn good to have created a sense of clarity, a map of who you are and what you stand for.  Simply, you've created your vision of the elements necessary for a successful life. You've created a guide, a map to help keep you on track with what you deem important to you.

Feels good doesn't it?

Now that you've read them aloud and have a good sense of what elements are necessary for your successful life, ask yourself, "How does my life presently (including work, spiritual practice, family, relationships, health, etc) reflect my Big Rocks/core values?"

Over the next week or so I want you to really look at what elements you've deemed necessary for a successful life and evaluate yourself honestly and sincerely to see how in-line you are with the values you hold. 

I want you to know that it is not uncommon for people to find that there is a gap between the values they aspire to and the actual way that they live their lives.  In a world that is moving so fast and requiring so much of us, it is definitely a challenge to always be consistent with the values we hold dear.

Not to worry that is the topic of next weeks post -- Getting Your Life In Line with Your Big Rocks.

Remember, my goal in sharing this information with you is to help you create the life and experiences you want to experience. Don't worry about the gaps that may exist, they are just reminders to redirect your energies and be aware of how you spend your time. Next week I'll share with you some strategies to use to help you get on track.