Let's keep it simple as we are on our last week of the year.  An absolutely excellent time to kind of prime the pumps for the coming year. 

After you've taken the time to blow off some steam and have a wonderful New Year's celebration, also take some time to review you last year.  Did all go as planned?  Probably not, when does it?  But more importantly did you achieve the important items that you had on your list? If you did, could you accomplish even more this year?  If you didn't achieve the points that were important to you, take a moment and ask yourself why not.

Whether you did outstanding last year or didn't quite make the mark you had set, it's a new year now.  And it's time to set new goals to achieve. Take a moment to decide what you plan on achieving this year. 

Then check out the video below so you know which you should be following, Dreams or Goals, if you plan on being successful. 

Is it going to be a roll of the dice again this year to see how things happen to you, or are you going to create your future this year?