I've been getting all sorts of emails and personal inquires about how to get in shape quickly now that the summer weather is approaching.  As well as the usual inquiries regarding  how to get out of shoulder, hip and back pain, which I will address next Monday.

Funny thing is the answer is the same to both of these questions.  "What results are you getting?"

Now, that question is not meant to be a smartypants comment at all.  It's meant to initiate thought.

You would be surprised how many people are not getting the results they want, and yet continue to do the same things that are already not working (not getting results).

When people ask me how to get rid of that last little layer of flub around the middle, they seem to expect an easy quick fix--one size fits all answer, that will magically dissolve the problem overnight.  Instead I usually ask them 2 specific questions:

  • What is their present nutrition schedule like?  Meaning how many times are they eating per day, as well as how each meal is made up -- regarding protein, carbs, and fat.

  • Next, I ask them what type of metabolic work are they doing?  Meaning what type of program are they using to stimulate an increase in their metabolism.

7 times out of 10 the person looks at me with a blank stare, or proceeds to tell me what they ate yesterday or today.  And if you'll remember my post on that response a few weeks ago, you'll know that is a dead give-away that the person has no real system to their eating/nutrition.  Yet they wonder why they are not getting the results they want.

I know you're tired of hearing it, but you have to have a plan if you're going to make successful changes to anything in your life.  If you don't write it down, it's not a serious goal.

Your results tell you if your program is working.  Don't just keep doing the same thing that's not working and get more and more frustrated. Find out why it's not working -- that's what I'm here for.
If you're not dropping the weight you want -- for goodness sake, please start keeping a food journal.  It's the only way to truly find out what's wrong.  Your car has a gas gauge to tell you when you're low on gas.  Your food journal (your human gas gauge) will tell you where to make changes in order to create the results you want. 

Equally important is to remember that steady state cardio does not work in getting rid of body fat quickly.  Want 2 ways to start seeing results from your cardio/metabolic training sessions?

Try these:

  • If you have no history of heart condition nor in your family, then try intervals.  Meaning a slow period of walking, jogging or running, followed by a fast period of walking, jogging or running.  The periods should start at about 30-45 seconds, for 10-20 minutes at a time.  After approximately two weeks move to 45 seconds to 1 minute interval periods.

  • Try using circuits in your weight training.  Meaning do 3-5 movements in a row, alternating upper and lower body movements, before taking a 1-1:30 minute break.  Do 3-4 cycles of this method and watch the results happen.

Ok.  What does that look like: 

All movements should be done with a weight you can do 12-20 times in proper form, but challenges you.

Push-up or Flyes
Squats (body weight or with dumbbells)
Rows (seated or 1 arm rows with dumbbell)
Lunges (backward stepping, dumbbells optional)
Wood Chops (using an elastic band or 1 dumbbell)

Now Go Out and Get It Done!