If you're serious about making changes in your life Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Understand that when you're comfortable, you're not being challenged.  If you are not being challenged, then you are not growing, evolving, or moving yourself upward and onward. Whether it's referring to physical, financial, or spiritual improvement, challenge yourself to be better each week, each month.

I frequently remind my clients who say "this is tough".  "Yes", I respond, "and that's how we know you are making improvements -- because you're being challenged to a higher level -- the body is having to work harder to get better".

If you're doing a certain exercise for 12 reps, go to 15 reps.  Or if your circuit contains 5 movements, make it 7 movements in a row before you take a 2 minute break.  If you've been doing slow "fat burning zone" cardio, try intervals (alternating periods of fast, followed by periods of medium to slow pace).

From a financial perspective, if you've been saving 5% of your monthly income, try moving it to 7 or 10%.

It's all about continuing to challenge yourself to be better. Now be clear, you can't go out and tackle every issue you have in one week. But I encourage you to choose at least one thing and commit to getting it done.

I don't know where we got this idea that being comfortable was going to help us achieve our dreams, but it's false. Being comfortable will only keep you in one spot, feeling comfortable and typically not growing and evolving to be your best.

Reasons or Results! 

It's that simple.  Get out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself with your greatness.

Now get up and go do it!