Remember, if it was easy everyone would be having the experience. Here is another critical element necessary to having that Zone experience.  In addition, I answer a few questions from emails regarding some of the challenges that you may face when reaching for the Zone, the Flow, or that Peak Experience.

 Find out what it takes to have your experience. Check out the video below.

This week I wanted to address another critical element necessary for getting in The Zone, having a Peak Experience, or being in The Flow.  As I shared with you on Monday, many of us spend more time on auto-pilot than we do being present to the task at hand. If you're serious about making any sort of changes in your life, or are looking to have a re-creative experience, check out today's video blog post.

I wanted to pick up where I left off last Monday regarding achieving an experience in The Zone. There are several elements that are necessary, or that people all seem to mention, as part of their Zone experience.  Click on the video below and check out the first element necessary to achieve a Zone experience. Be sure to tune in next week as each Wednesday, for the month of September, I will be sharing a crucial element to achieving a Zone experience.

I believe sometimes in this world of instant gratification and reality TV we forget that the route to our goals can be challenging. But don't give up. Discomfort is part of the journey, don't be discouraged, it is only making you stronger. Click on the video below to find out more.

Many times people believe that goal setting just means thinking about the destination. Honestly, it's a bit more involved than that if you want to get results. Here's a quick video that will help you set goals that almost guarantee results -- click below.

People get frustrated because they set unrealistic goals. Check out today's mid week motivation video for tips on how to set better goals and get it done.

Time for a little Mid-Week Motivation. Need some motivation to get you started, to keep on track, or just plain get you fired up and ready for the day. Click the video below and get it done!

If you're serious about making changes in your life Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Understand that when you're comfortable, you're not being challenged.  If you are not being challenged, then you are not growing, evolving, or moving yourself upward and onward. Whether it's referring to physical, financial, or spiritual improvement, challenge yourself to be better each week, each month.

I frequently remind my clients who say "this is tough".  "Yes", I respond, "and that's how we know you are making improvements -- because you're being challenged to a higher level -- the body is having to work harder to get better".

If you're doing a certain exercise for 12 reps, go to 15 reps.  Or if your circuit contains 5 movements, make it 7 movements in a row before you take a 2 minute break.  If you've been doing slow "fat burning zone" cardio, try intervals (alternating periods of fast, followed by periods of medium to slow pace).

From a financial perspective, if you've been saving 5% of your monthly income, try moving it to 7 or 10%.

It's all about continuing to challenge yourself to be better. Now be clear, you can't go out and tackle every issue you have in one week. But I encourage you to choose at least one thing and commit to getting it done.

I don't know where we got this idea that being comfortable was going to help us achieve our dreams, but it's false. Being comfortable will only keep you in one spot, feeling comfortable and typically not growing and evolving to be your best.

Reasons or Results! 

It's that simple.  Get out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself with your greatness.

Now get up and go do it!
It continues to amaze me how many people ask me for my advice about getting out of pain, weight loss or weight gain, but when given the answers, seem disbelieving. "How can I get rid of this little fluff around the middle?", the person will ask me. "I would really beware of how many starchy carbs you take in each day, and I would suggest intervals for cardio and/or circuits to really get the results you want quickly", I respond. They look at me as if I'm speaking Latin. "I have to do all that!", they retort. "Well", I reply "try either circuits or cardio and let's see the results.  Then we can make a better decision where to go from there". In desperation they ask, "Couldn't I do just maybe 10-15 extra sit-ups or skip breakfast?" "No", I respond, "skipping breakfast will actually make the problem worse, and you can't spot reduce."

Now, I'm not quite sure when it happened, but when did people start believing success at anything is easy and painless, and is almost instantaneous? I mean c'mon, if being in shape or being successful was that darn easy, everyone would be walking around looking like a cover model and driving an exotic sports car.  The fact of the matter is anything that's worth something generally takes some pretty serious effort and commitment.

And here's something that I just spoke about with my clients this morning -- within the seeds of greatness there is some level of pain and/or discomfort. Simply put, if you want to achieve something that is valuable to you, don't expect the process to be painless.  That's not living in reality.  Know that anything that is worth achieving or is a goal that you have set, is going to have some elements of pain and discomfort. Think about it, it wouldn't be a goal if it was easy to achieve. Setting a goal means, I'm not at such and such a point and I will change my habits and focus to assure that I get there in X amount of time. So you've set a goal, which means the point you've chosen to achieve requires that you break unproductive, perhaps destructive bad habits so that you can reach a higher level of satisfaction with yourself. Built into that aspiration is pain and discomfort. Why, you ask? Because it is requiring you to change the previous way you've been behaving.

And therein lies the frustration of setting goals and expecting them to be painless and instantaneous. If you aspire to do anything, know it will come with some level of discomfort. BUT also know that if you commit to the process of achieving that goal, you will evolve into something much greater than you were before. You become a better you by aspiring to be more.

You deserve to achieve your dreams. Dare to aspire to be something more than you are right now. Remember, success and accomplishment is not convenient, it's a commitment to your greatness. And by the way, success, greatness and accomplishment is not always convenient, but it sure feels good when you get there.

As always, Reasons or Results.  Which will you have at the end of 30, 60, or 90 days? Set the goal and go GET IT!
This morning as my client was doing his core work he stated, "I really hate doing this stuff, but you know what I hate worse . . . . how I feel if I don't do this stuff", chuckling just a bit as he finished his statement.

It got me thinking. THAT is probably the single most important perspective to have when it comes to accomplishing any goal. You've got to keep focused on the goal and know that no matter how uncomfortable things are in the moment, it's worth it, because the goal you've chosen is worth it.

I think sometimes in the world of instant gratification, cell phones, emails, texting, we sometimes forget that old saying, anything worth accomplishing takes time, patience and perseverance. Somehow I think many of us out there have forgotten that growth is not painless. Success and accomplishment take time and come with periods of discomfort. Success and Accomplishment aren't things that grow on trees or you that you can run down to your local store and pick up. It's almost like some of us have forgotten what makes success SO FRIGGIN wonderful, it allows you to go past your previously held ideas about what you could accomplish. YOU evolve in the process of committing to and achieving your goals.

Truth is, Growth, Success, and Accomplishment often come with some level of discomfort, if not down right pain sometimes. Now obviously there is a difference between good healthy pain and suffering. Here I am referring to the discomfort that comes from breaking old patterns, and discovering strength and clarity about yourself that you only suspected existed. The pain and discomfort that come along with changing your behavior patterns and perceptions about what you can accomplish, even when it's not convenient.

So the next time you start complaining about how hard cardio is, how uncomfortable it is to do your rolling for self-massage, how inconvenient it is to make time for your exercise and health, think about this:

How committed are you to your success?

How many hours do you think Serena and Nadal practice Tennis?

How many times did Thomas Edison try different elements for the light bulb?

Now maybe you don't won't to become a professional athlete or create something as life-changing as the light bulb, but what you do want to accomplish is worth the commitment. Otherwise why bother making the goal.

You can accomplish virtually anything you set your mind to as long as you make consistent steps. Know that the discomfort you experience at any given moment is just part of the process, It Will Pass. Stay focused, stay on target, and enjoy the transformation.

Now Go Out There and Make It Happen!