Talk about a wake up call. 

The other day I was taking the body composition of a client I've been working with for years.  This client has been struggling with their weight for some time now. We've gone over the nutrition program I've provided. We've made modifications to make it easier to follow. I offered coaching calls and reminder texts to be sent to assist my client in staying on track. I offered to accompany my client to the grocery store to assist them in making good choices that are in-line with their meal plan. We even discussed starting a support group for individuals to provide a sense of community, swap recipes, and help keep each other accountable to staying on track (similar to the Master Mind Group philosophy I spoke of in the previous post). Nothing seemed to be working. This client would lose 4-7lbs and then put it right back on a few weeks later.  Needless to say I was frustrated because I could not seem to come up with a strategy to assist this client in reaching one of their originally stated goals.

Then during one of our body composition check-ins (to see how progress was going) my client stated, "This is really a waste of time".  I paused for a second, shocked at the candor. Then I asked, "Why do you say that?" My client then went on to share that they had no real desire to modify their eating habits, and was not really coming to the training sessions for that purpose. This person went on to state that the issue they had come for had been resolved (they were no longer in pain), yet they kept coming because of the other things they were receiving from the session -- the encouragement, reflective feedback, and other strategies that are my unique brand of training.

And there in my face stood my own ignorance. I had taken my client's original concerns with pain and weight loss as being the major reason (the value) they sought out my services, when in fact those items were lower on their list of things to accomplish than I realized. This client went on to share with me how the philosophy and strategies I use as encouragement and motivation have been helping them change their lives. I had mistakenly defined my value to this client as purely physical.

What I realized is that I had allowed my values to dictate what my client's goals were because of the nature of the service I provide. In fact, my client was less interested in the "training" aspect so to speak, and more interested in my philosophies, strategies and reflective feedback techniques. These aspects of the "training session" held a higher value to them.

Which of course leads me to my overall point. Do you know what values you have? I mean seriously, have you gotten clear, and written down what your major values are? Because your values are the axle around which the wheel of your life turns.

This client reminded me that my value of wanting to produce physical change was limited. In fact, she was clear that her value of "training session" was much bigger than just physical transformation and getting rid of pain.

If you're not clear on your values, you can't set realistic goals and achieve them. Take the time to write down what is important to you. What motivates you. Honoring your what's important to you, your values, helps you achieve the goals you set.

Write it down, and share your story with me.
Have you ever heard the saying "Show me who your friends are and I'll tell you what you're about?"

The older I get the more I realize that statement is SO powerful. You see whether it has to do with a certain financial goal or body transformation, the people you surround yourself with often times, directly or indirectly determine your results.

It's not that I believe other people control you, it's that the habits you create for yourself are either sustained, supported or sabotaged by those closest to you.  For example, if you have a certain financial goal and are saving to achieve that goal, but many of your close friends have to have the newest and coolest cell phone, or frequently go out to popular restaurants or bars, hanging out with these people will not assist you in achieving your goal. In fact, depending on how much time you spend with them it may completely derail your efforts to reach your financial goal.  Here's a different but equally important example. Say you're trying to lose weight and have a specific goal in mind by a certain date. If your close friends eat fast food, drink soda's, or eat other highly processed foods, and exercise very little, it becomes uncomfortable if not difficult to be around this set of friends and still stay on track with your goal. Because in either example, these individuals, who do not share your same goals and visions, actually make it much more difficult to stay on track because they are not committed to the same ideals.

This is why is it SO important that you surround yourself with people that match your values and ideals.  People that share your same values, and ideals about achievement and lifestyle only help to reinforce the values you hold.  Start to wander off the path and you are easily reminded just by being in their company.

Ever heard of a "Master Mind Group"? It's a group of like-minded professionals who come together to brain storm, create goals, plan strategies, and make each other accountable to each member's individual goal.  The purpose of Master Mind Groups is to enhance the success of each individual involved through the collective support and accountability of the group dynamic.

If you are serious about achieving any goal, financial or physical, the people closest to you can either assist you in achieving that goal or seriously derail your efforts. Whether it's a formal Master Mind Group or an informal group of friends committed to supporting each others' individual goals, the company you keep CAN determine the level of success you will have in life.

Surround yourself with people that:

1.    have values you aspire to have,

2.    set goals, commit to them and more often than not achieve them,

3.    have high levels of personal accountability and not excuses.

Then you can be sure that that same type of success minded "habit" will create the same success for you.

You always have a choice -- Reasons/Excuses or Results. Which will you have?

As always, let me know if this information was helpful.

I was sitting here thinking how tired I was, as I looked at my list of "to-do's".  I thought to myself I've got to get this done if I'm going to reach the goals I have set.  But honestly, I just wasn't feeling it.  So I leaned back in my chair as I sat at my desk and just kind of looked over the quotes I have hanging around my office.

And then it hit me P-O-W!!!

I don't know exactly where or who I picked it up from, but there on my wall in large letters it says, "Don't Let Life Get in the Way of Your Progress".

When you find yourself tired from the day, you don't feel like making your meals, you don't feel like doing your cardio, stretching or rolling, remember the old saying, Successful People Do the Things Unsuccessful People are Unwilling to Do. If it were easy to be financially independent, everyone would be wealthy.  If it was easy to be in-shape and fit, everyone would be in-shape and fit.

The fact of the matter is it takes commitment and work to achieve your goals no matter what they are. Everything from how well you plan out your goals (time perspective), to what you think about (reticular activation), to who you surround yourself with (coming soon), all dictate and influence what your results will be. The truth is, it's not crowded at the top because most people, in this age of convenience and "feel good", don't have the commitment or work ethic to create their dreams. They would rather complain or give excuses as to why they haven't accomplished the goals they've set. For some, comfort and boredom are more satisfying than challenge, accomplishment and success.

We all have all sorts of excuses as to why we can't do such and such. Everything from work, to family responsibilities, to not having enough time (I hear that one a lot), to just being plain old tired. Granted sometimes in this fast paced world we find ourselves just completely out of gas.  And the best thing for you at that time would be a good nap.  But I believe more often than not, we all give ourselves excuses for why we can't accomplish ________ (fill in the blank) because it's easier than buckling down and getting to work.

Be honest, doesn't it feel great when you've set a goal, planned it out and achieved it?  Isn't it validating to have created something and see the benefit it gives others? Don't you feel SO motivated when you see those extra pounds come off, take a few more seconds off your run time or are able to save a little more money by the end of the month? The work is worth it.

Make the plan.
Get emotionally connected to the goal.
Be consistent in doing something each day towards that goal.

All I have to say is Reasons or Results -- which one will you have in 30, 60, 90 days?

Let me know if this information was helpful.

Ok.  Here's tip #2 that will assist you in accomplishing any goal you are truly serious about.

Have you ever thought about something, a car you plan on purchasing, a dress you want to buy, and suddenly around every corner you turn, there it is. That is a phenomenon known as reticular activation

What that basically means is that once you make up your mind about something and have a sincere emotional connection to it, it activates your awareness to that item.  The interesting thing is, it works for just about anything.  Whether it be weight loss goals, financial improvement, an item you want to purchase or a way you want to stop or start behaving -- all effectively begin with using reticular activation techniques.

That is why I often encourage the use of affirmations said 3-5x/daily (stated in a way as though the goal, item or quality has already been achieved), or posting images on your refrigerator of what you want to attain.  It sets the mind in the right framework of success.  It makes you more aware and connected to your goal and thus increases your chances of success.  Just making a statement and "hoping" it comes true is nothing more than wishful thinking.  But making that goal a daily, conscious focus is quite another thing. It cues your brain to be aware of opportunities that present themselves to assist you in achieving your goal.


Reticular activation also involves visualization, so that you visualize your success or attainment of the goal you wish to achieve.  World Class Athletes have been doing it for years, CEO's have utilized the concept to create their success and many of my clients utilize these techniques to achieve their body transformation goals.

In my Free Special Report and Audio I further outline how you can utilize goal setting and other reticular activation techniques.

Set a plan, focus on it, execute it and achieve it.

As always please let me know if this information was helpful.

I was reading an article this morning that talked about success and what it takes to achieve financial goals.  But as I read it I realized that the rule it suggested for success in the financial world can be applied to being successful in any realm of life; As it relates to my posts -- health, fitness, and wellness.

It actually got me thinking about my own 'list' of traits or habits necessary for success.  These are basically things I've picked up in my reading or observations I've made about successful clients and friends over the years.

I thought about what separates those that achieve their body transformation goals quickly, from those who make only a little progress or those that take 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Here is # 1 on my list.

Regardless of your advantages or disadvantages you can be successful in whatever you choose if you have "Time Perspective". Time Perspective refers to the amount of time that you take into consideration when planning your day to day activities and when making important decisions in your life. It works to create success with finances, body transformation, and just about anything else you Really Want to Change. In short, HOW YOU SPEND YOUR ENERGY F/X YOUR RESULTS.

Take the time to plan for your success, whether its making your meals in advance, putting time in your schedule for self-massage and stretching, or time to be still and allow those creative juices to flow for inspiration and achievement.

Don't just be busy, be productive.  And sometimes being productive actually means being still to reflect, get clarity, and modify your plan to increase your chances of success.

As always, let me know if this info is helpful.