Discipline Is The Secret01-Feb-2010

Discipline is very important when you do natural bodybuilding workouts. Too much exercise will keep ..

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Discipline Is The Secret

01-Feb-2010 Discipline is very important when you do natural bodybuilding workouts. Too much exercise will keep your body from recuperating and growing as rapidly as it otherwise could. Too little exercise or an undisciplined approach to your diet will also hold you back. By harnessing your knowledge and energy toward the fulfillment of your training goals, you can provide your body with the ideal amount of growth stimulation.
Discipline is essential to achieving your goals in natural bodybuilding and life in general. There are always plenty of distractions around and never enough time to do everything you want. Being disciplined helps you to sift through these difficult choices and establish priorities. This allows you to keep to the goals you have set without impulsive deviations that could take you off course. Once you have set a training schedule, you keep to it without skipping days. You follow your diet plan, recognizing that if you eat too much now you'll only have to over-diet later to make up for it. You choose your path and stick to it.
Discipline also gives you the stamina to persevere through bad times without giving up. There will inevitably be times that you reach sticking points when you do natural bodybuilding workouts. A disciplined approach will keep you on track, helping you to overcome periods of moodiness or depression. A journey of a thousand miles, as any disciplined person will tell you, begins with a single step.

You need to integrate the various aspects of your life into a disciplined, rational system that will produce the results you seek. Kurt Elder, coach of the Gold's Gym Venice powerlifting team and the 1998 California state powerlifting champion in the 205-pound class for the Natural Association of Strength Athletes, puts it this way:
Understanding + energy = results
"Many athletes waste a lot of time because they don't understand how the body works," says Elder. "You don't need a biochemistry degree, but you do have to appreciate what stimulates the body to grow. Yet, it's what you do with this information that really counts. Find the time to apply this knowledge in a disciplined way to your workouts and follow the formula consistently. Harness your energy so that it becomes a tool for achieving your goals. Without this controlled approach, much of your training energy will be wasted."

Discipline is necessary to make sure that your natural bodybuilding workout program is geared to your body's ability to respond and recuperate. Instead of impulsively doing every exercise you can think of, you recognize your limits at a particular point of time. This way you don't feel compelled to keep up with the training volumes of your fellow athletes, which may or may not be optimal even for them. Muscle growth takes time, but the results are well worth the effort. Remembering this can give you the discipline to restrict the frequency and duration of your workouts. Your motto should be not too little, not too much. In the long run, this disciplined approach will bring you the greatest rewards.